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I started this podcast when I was only 14 with my wonderful mom, Jenny Kierstead. As a Mother-Daughter duo, we've been through a lot together over the last few years. We moved through COVID self-isolation, and also dealt with our own traumatic grief from the massacre here in NS, which claimed the life of mom’s sister, and my Aunt, Lisa McCully.

We decided to channel our desire to spark a light amidst the darkness by creating this podcast. Our hope for this podcast is to ignite honest, whole-hearted conversations that bridge the generational gap, heal trauma and light the path for a healthy, united future.


In the first couple of months of starting out our podcast ranked 82 in canada for self improvement and 185 in education

What our listeners are saying:
What our listeners are saying:

“I've never stayed up so late at night until I started listening to Sophia's and Jenny's podcast, nothing can describe how tremendously amazing they are. The collaborations they have with other people with a story to tell is really powerful”

We have been honored to host people like:


Simone Miller

Teen Actress

Karen Furneaux

3x Olympian

Dan Millman

Best selling author

Meaghan Smith

JUNO award winner

How to apply to be a guest

If you think you'd be a good fit for one of our episodes, book a meeting with us below, we’d love to hear from you!

Co-Ceo Girl on Fire

Girl on Fire is an empowerment program developed by my mom and piloted in public schools.
The stats that resulted from the pilot were groundbreaking: it showed 26% improvements in competencies such as self-worth, confidence and optimism and a whopping 44% increase in resilience, all in just 12 weeks. This program focuses on cultivating inner strength, confidence and resilience.


I was only 7 when mom finished writing this program. I remember getting the feeling that the work she was doing held significant importance even if I didn’t yet understand the full scope of its need. Now being a 17 year old young woman myself I witness the need for youth empowerment grow more pressing each day. I am honored to be Co-CEO of this program and initiative.

As mom and I work side by side to expand this brand, we will both be leading an in person mother daughter program starting january. Head over to the girl on fire site to learn more!